FedCash Visibility

Moving cash is vital to your business, yet a package to your home is moved and tracked with more sophistication. Just like consumers know where a package in transit is at any given time, now your organization will be able to say the same about its money.

Why FedCash Visibility

GS1 US is partnering with the financial services community to develop and adopt data standards and best practices for cash logistics affecting intensive cash users and businesses.

Global Location Number (GLN)

A Global Location Number (GLN) is the key to unique location identification. It’s a unique number licensed by GS1 US that identifies a single location or business entity in the supply chain.

FedCash E-Manifest

The FedCash E-Manifest replaces the manual process of matching paper manifests for deposits and orders at Federal Reserve docks with a technology that enables scanning and an electronic exchange of data. With FedCash E-Manifest, financial institutions, armored carriers, and retailers are provided with numerous efficiency opportunities.


Secure Products offers the SSCC barcoded GS1 bags and if necessary can help customers establish their Global Location Number (GLN).


• Improved data accuracy with reduced manual data entry
• Quickly resolve discrepancies between origin and destination
• Value-added information on status and value of cash in transit
• Potential real-time access to cash parcel movement status
• Automated custody vs. manual paper-based

Future Proof

Through shared Cash Visibility standards, partners can easily communicate their deposits or cash transit status throughout the cycle. Being able to “see it through” allows better oversight and security, as well as improved financial planning, through efficient, reliable control environments at each point of the supply chain.


Secure Products can assist with creating a GLN or you can purchase one on your own from GS1 directly.

Each GLN represents one location of your company. If you need more than 9 GLNs, you might want to consider licensing a  GS1 Company Prefix.

There are no annual fees associated with a Global Location Number.

Tip: On the GS1 purchase site they refer to how many "Products" or "Items" you need to barcode. This means how many locations you have that require their own GLN.


Next you will need to purchase SSCC compliant deposit bags. Our 19 x 28 FedCash Visibility Bags have an SSCC barcode, are Fed Ready and are E-Manifest compliant. Your location GLN or Company Prefix DOES NOT need to be part of the barcode number on the bag.

SSCC Barcode

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is the GS1 Identification Key used to identify a logistic unit. This unique identifier is comprised of an Extension Digit, a GS1 Company Prefix, a Serial Reference, and a Check Digit. Your individual GLN does not need to be part of the barcode number.


E-Manifest Service will allow Federal Reserve Banks to electronically process deposits and payments with industry partners using industry supported data standards. FedCash E-Manifest is needed to do business with the Federal Reserve long-term and for modernizing the cash supply chain

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