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About Us

For over thirty years, Secure Products Corporation (SPC) has served financial Institutions, retail and cash transaction businesses throughout the United States and abroad. Our company was established in 1990.

Since we began it has been the mission of Secure Products Corporation to be the “premier” provider of products and services to businesses in each of the industries and communities we serve. We are a private woman-owned business since our inception.

Our mission has challenged and tested us over the last thirty years. The mission is worthy of the highest individual and collective efforts of employees at Secure Products. To fulfill our goals in an outstanding way, our employees must exhibit traits of character and commitment.

Our Owner and President Denise Narancich created Secure Products and continues to lead the company today.

"Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company."
T. Hsieh
Zappos Founder
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December 8, 1990

Secure Products founder Denise Narancich initially had no intention of starting a company herself. She was a top sales rep at a bank supply company and enjoyed her work. However, when a client approached her with a request for a deposit bag, Denise was at a loss: Her company didn’t want to sell them.

Denise is the sort of person to go the extra mile, so she found a way to procure the deposit bags and delivered the goods to the client. However, this development created a conflict of interest. Denise now had two options: stay with her current company and nix the bags, or keep the bags and start her own company instead.

In 1990, Denise decided to forge her own path and started Secure Products, a cash-in-transit and security supplies distributor. What started out as a small operation in her home, over time grew into a successful business with an office, large warehouse, and a team of dedicated employees in the West Suburbs of Chicago.

To this day, Secure Products’ mission embodies the same values Denise held from the very beginning: go above and beyond expectations to help customers, honor and invest in industry relationships, and deliver quality products.
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”
C. Powell

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